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Hi 👋 I’m Kayla. I started my real estate journey in 2015 when I became a licensed real estate agent.  It didn't take me long to find out that I loved investment real estate.  The next few years I worked with a single family real estate investment firm and flipped dozens of houses as their operations manager. 

Eventually I realized that the real wealth building in real estate happens when you buy and hold, so I decided to start my own business buying distressed rental properties.

In November 2019 my husband quit his job to build our rental business, and we found out we were expecting our first son two weeks later. And then it was go time! 

Over the next two years I quit my job, we bought over 40 distressed units, renovated them, refinanced much of our portfolio (with the rest still in progress)  had our second son, and built a life that allows us to spend our time how we want to, when we want to.  

To back it up I should start with the fact that I went to college for business and finance, just kidding I have a bachelors in fine arts in theatre management and my husband has a bachelors in theology and if we can do this... so can you. 

Currently we are beginning our journey in out of state investing, fund building, and syndication while continuing to build our small-multi and single family portfolio locally using the BRRRR model. 

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